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A Christmas present

This Christmas buy 1 more gift and donate it to a child in La Guajira. In these special holidays, where we all want to share with our loved ones and leave gifts under the tree, we invite you to buy 1 more gift and donate it. With your gifts we will be traveling to four communities to make the delivery on your behalf to a child in vulnerable condition who dreams of having a toy for Christmas.

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Our Meal Packs continue to generate nutrition testimonials in children in La Guajira. Professor Robinson Gutiérrez, who is in charge of education in different schools in Manaure and who supports the supply of Meal Packs as a snack, gives us his testimony of how our nutritional supplement has supported the development of children.

Our Vouchers

LOVENET wants to inspire all people on their birthday to make their gifts as donation vouchers for the nutrition of children in vulnerable conditions in La Guajira. Our foundation is launching an initiative for you to share your birthday gifts and support our cause. This campaign is very easy and you only have to follow 4 simple steps and inspire many people to make your birthday the best opportunity to change the world one Meal Pack at a time.

Delivery of school supplies

The organization’s goal is to bring 1,000 school kits to different schools in La Guajira.

In this region, there are many children who do not have the basic school supplies to be able to study, for this reason LOVENET is inspiring thousands of hearts to join in contributing to this goal. For only $15 you can contribute to make this goal possible.

If you want to make your contribution for a school kit click here.

Join Our Love Network

Love network for La Guajira

The region of La Guajira is considered a paradise in the north of the country because of its diversity, the beauty of its landscapes and its cultural richness; but on the other hand, it also has the highest malnutrition rates in Colombia.

According to figures from the National Institute of Health (INS), in 2016 there were 84 deaths of children under five years of age associated with malnutrition; the department of La Guajira recorded the highest number with 22. The problem in this paradisiacal place is neither recent nor conjunctural. Beyond the differences related to the mortality figures for malnutrition and the controversies related to the reason for the deaths of children in this department, the reality is that in this place there is a humanitarian tragedy that affects the entire Wayúu ethnic group.

For this reason, in Colombia there is an organization that seeks to create a network of love to make a difference and help the people who need it most. The main objective of LOVENET is to connect people and weave a network that brings love, water and nutrition to children in three different communities in La Guajira.

“La Guajira chose us”

Angela Aguirre, president and founder of LOVENET, told that this initiative was a call from her soul, since all her life she has been dedicated to being a businesswoman and managing a family restaurant, but for years she wanted to leave a mark and a legacy in the world and thus created a space for people to stop being spectators of the reality of this region of the country and start helping people who are in a state of vulnerability.

When we started LoveNet we did not have a clear idea of where we were going to work and La Guajira chose us. Since we arrived there we have obtained many positive results, although they are very cautious because they have been promised a lot without any solution. – Said Ángela Aguirre

This organization was inspired by a U.S. project that lasted more than 10 years and was in 20 countries bringing nutrition to more than seven million people around the world. Angela Aguirre wanted to bring this model to the country and so they began to develop a nutritional formula with all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients that a child requires for optimal development. This formula is mixed with water and given to the most in need once a day.

“This product is making a difference in these children, because we are changing their lives. We have reached almost a thousand children in three different communities, and in this way we guarantee that at least they have something to eat, since there are children who spend the day with only a little water, corn and chicha” – the founder said in an interview with this newspaper.

The delivery of these nutritional formulas and clean water tanks is done through the indigenous authorities, they decide in which schools they are distributed and which adults receive the product, which is the first response to malnutrition, but they always try to give priority to children since resources are limited.

Lovenet is an independent and inclusive organization. It brings together people and companies whose mission is to contribute certain percentages of their activities. They also carry out fundraising strategies such as events or the sale of Love Vouchers (another type of donation).

With donations of $5 a child is fed for a week in your name, with $20 a child is fed for a month. Such donations can be made through the purchase of our Love Vouchers. We try to create awareness so people understand the importance of doing something without expecting anything in return. – Concluded Ángela Aguirre

LoveNet seeks to create a global network of love and remind everyone that we are connected, we just need to take a step and make a difference in the world. If you want to contribute to this project you can visit the website

By: KienyKe.


The Lovenet Organization in La Guajira

Ángela Aguirre Peresson is an entrepreneur, writer and president of the Lovenet Organization.

She initially collaborated with the Xango Goodness Foundation where she generated actions to eradicate hunger in the world and for which she won an international humanitarian award.

29 children have died in La Guajira due to malnutrition

In 2021 at least 29 children died in La Guajira from causes associated with malnutrition. We share this sad news with the hope that someday this will no longer be a reality in Colombia. This fills us with pain, but makes us work with more determination and focus, so that our Meal Packs reach the most remote places and never again will a child die from malnutrition.