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Angela Fiorenza is the current president and founder of LOVENET. For more than six years she has been dedicated to building this love network and making people aware of the importance of remembering that we are all connected and that each person has the responsibility to create a better world.

She actively collaborated with the Xango Goodness Foundation in the United States, generating awareness of the urgent need to create actions among all to eradicate hunger in the world. After walking this path and winning an international humanitarian award, she decided to take her dream of service and compassion to another level, creating from – “the soul”- as she herself expresses it, LOVENET, with the certainty of building a global love network capable of transforming the world through service, love in action and the recognition that we are all one.

In addition to her work as CEO of Lovenet, Angela is an entrepreneur and writer. She dedicates part of her life to her businesses, which are as creative as they are diverse, and to delivering a message to the world through her personal brand through the portal

She is an animal and nature lover, a proud mother of twins and a member of a loving female tribe. She currently lives in Bogota, Colombia, where she has her companies, and a creative studio in the mountains where she is inspired to write and develop projects.