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The LOVENET Meal Pack is a nutritional supplement presented in packages that provides nutritional value in cases of malnutrition and chronic malnutrition.


It contains all the nutrients for optimal development and can be consumed from 1 year old children. It is an excellent choice for isolated communities that do not have the possibility of cooking and those who do not have gardens or access to solid food.


We bring Meal Packs to different communities in La Guajira as a first response to the great food needs of this region. LOVENET Meal Packs are very easy to prepare and all you need to do is add water.


Their exclusive formula, delicious taste and ease of preparation make them the ideal nutritional supplement for areas affected by malnutrition in inaccessible locations.
LOVENET volunteers personally deliver the Meal Packs in the schools of the Wayuu communities to ensure that the children receive the donated portions during the school day.

Our organization guarantees the delivery of all the Meal Packs and/or donated water, as we do not have intermediaries or external help.

The LOVENET Meal Pack is a supplement rich in minerals, vitamins, prebiotic fiber, probiotic cultures, high nutritional quality protein and caloric supplement, which provides the body with requirements that are not normally found in the products consumed in the communities where LOVENET is present.

The Meal Packs have a significant contribution of organic and inorganic substances vital for human health.

The product is presented in powdered form with vanilla flavor and is packaged in a trilaminate bag with a 600 grams doy pack closure.

The Meal Pack contains

the following components:

16 vital

12 essential

Isolated soy

4 functional

This product comes in powder form with vanilla flavor and is packaged in a trilaminate bag with a 600 grams resealable doy pack.
LOVENET Meal Packs have been of great help for the communities and the results have been extraordinary due to their high nutritional value and ease of preparation.